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Limited Edition Miniature Milk-Bone
Holiday Keepsake Ornament
Personalized with Your Dog's Picture & Name!

Actual ornament's approximate size is 2" x 3/4" x 3"
Pet Name Here
Happy Holidays 2015

Your picture will be professionally silhouetted (have the background removed) and placed in the proper position on your Milk-Bone box ornament. The above representation is for illustrative and picture selection purposes only.

* Pet's Photo:
* Pet's Name:
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Buyers will be charged $20.50 upon purchasing each ornament. NJ residents will be charged 7% sales tax. There are no additional charges.


This is sooo adorable I sincerely hope that they are still available as I just found the Milk-Bone website. Thank you so very much for offering these ornaments and boxes to those of us that love or doggies ~Smiles~ - T.P. Chesterton, IN

I have another order on its way too; a total of 2 this time, thank you, Great product! (ordered 6 total) - J.M. Woodland, CA

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